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Let's just get this out the way:

GDPR is here. If your business has any contact with the outside world, then you're at the foot of a giant compliance mountain.

Our Guided Compliance Toolkit steps you through the process.

"What this service provides is actionable, easy to follow processes that give concise need to know information for each step. Achieved in a week what we couldn't over eight months of reviewing the legislation."
Lewis Henderson, VP Product, Glasswall

Read on for some of the challenges we're about to fix for you

These people are smiling because they are pretending to run a business and don't have to worry about things like what their lawful basis for processing data is.
(except maybe that guy, Jeff, at the back)

Here are your Challenges:

(we can do this)

Read The Legislation

99 Articles and nearly 200 of what legal-esers call Recitals to clamber over. Full of phrases like "interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject". Don't worry, we've read them all .

Get Past The Scaremongers

Sure, there are some very scary bits buried in there (see Art 82.1 for example!). But on the whole it's good common sense stuff being drowned out by noise. We improve the signal::noise ratio .

Write Pages of Contracts

There's a lot of things you need to tell your data subjects at various times during your relationship with them. That's a lot of new contract terms you need to write. lets you point and click your way through them .

Deal with Data Access Requests

Got tools and a system for your data subjects to demand changes, erasure or access to their data, respond in the legislated time limit and keep an audit log of the whole thing? You do now !

Keep Track of Data Recipients

You probably leak personal data more than you realise. That's OK as long as you've told your data subjects what's going to happen with their information. You still have to maintain clear records and logs of who gets what though. Guess what, there's a tool for that right here .

Breach! Breach!

You know that thing in movies where they say "His record is too clean, must be fake" - same here. GDPR requires you to keep records of all your data breaches (no matter how small) and report certain ones to the Regulator. Keep it all in one place with your new Breach Tool .

Check Your Consents

Think you've got consent sorted wherever you ask for it? Make sure you do and keep it all nicely stored in your audit log. Article 7? Sorted .

Audit Log Everything

Keep a record of every change and decision you make for when the inevitable audit happens. GDPRi keeps all your changes logged and loaded ready to roll out on a rainy day. .

Ah, it's OK. Jeff realises he's just a pretend businessman too and that nightmare about Data Recipient Contracts he was going to have to comply with was all nothing but a bad dream.

Your GDPRi Checklist

Our goal is to step you through the process and get you up and running as quickly as possible. You can come back again and again to polish and improve what you've done, but for today - let's get it off your desk.

"GDPRi's step by step method really just guided us on what we needed to get done instead of struggling with the documentation."
Dave Baddeley, Managing Director,

  • Point & Click contracts / GDPR policies for your GDPR Register - everything from your general principles through to your automated decision making statements
  • Secure ticket system for accepting and logging requests under Art. 15-17 for change, removal and access by your data subjects
  • Audited data breach log
  • Consent management toolkit
  • Third Party Data Recipient tracking
  • Automated contract acquisition and logging for your third party recipients
  • Automated and manual GDPR Compliance Log
  • Full text of Regulation deeplinked to the lines you need to read from most tools
  • Publish internal and public compliance documents for staff
  • Multi user permission based access
  • Full support

With an account on GDRPi you'll have a suite of tools to help you get compliant, stay compliant and demonstrate compliance. Easy.

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Bottom Line

Register for a seven day free trial and get this off your desk before the time's up.

"Perfect solution to GDPR compliance for SME, seriously well done for making it simple!"
Jeremy Tjebbes, IT Director Hitachi Europe Ltd

There's no magic bullet anywhere to tick this box for you, there's still work to be done; but with GDPRi you can get through most of it quickly and (hopefully!) painlessly. Click the red button for a free trial and get sorted:

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