Direct marketing by email (Mailchimp)

Bodyscan uses Mailchimp for its email marketing campaigns. Mailchimp is the world's largest email marketing platform, used for sending over a billion emails every day.

Beyond operational emails specifically related to your Bodyscan appointment (such as reminders and cancellations) and individual, personal emails from Bodyscan staff, you will only receive emails from Bodyscan if your email address is in Mailchimp and you are marked as 'subscribed'.

After 25th May 2018, there are a few ways you can end up in Bodyscan's Mailchimp account:

  1. If you subscribe on the Bodyscan website (this may be in response to an incentive to receive a discount)
  2. You make an online booking and tick the 'Subscribe to occasional news and offers' box
  3. You specificially subscribe to Bodyscan marketing when you enter a Bodyscan competition

If you want to stop receiving Bodyscan marketing emails you can do this in one of three ways:

  1. Unsubscribe by clicking the 'unsubscribe' link in any marketing email
  2. By sending a request to be removed to [email protected]
  3. By making a Data Request (left-hand menu) on Bodyscan's GDPR page

Please note: Under GDPR, we can only send you marketing emails with your clear, unequivocal consent. Booking a scan or entering a Bodyscan competition does not give us the right to market to you.

You can read Mailchimp's privacy policy here.

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