Booking a scan online (Bookeo)

When you book a scan, the information you provide is collected and processed by an Australian appointment booking system called Bookeo.

Please note that making a booking does not add you to our email marketing system Mailchimp. Your first name, last name and email address are added to Mailchimp ONLY if you tick the box under your email address titled "Subscribe to occasional news and offers - you can unsubscribe at any time".

Below is the information that Bookeo collects and why we ask for it. The information we collect when you make a booking is the core set of information retained by Bodyscan.

  1. First name and Last Name (a legal requirement, together with residential address and date of birth) to confirm your identity when the scan takes place).
  2. Email address - to send the booking confirmation and other updates specifically related to your booking.
  3. Phone number (ideally your mobile number) - to contact you only: a) in the event of a question about the booking or last-minute changes, cancellations, etc. We do not market using SMS or phone-based marketing. b) If a mobile number, to send an appointment reminder two hours before the booking and, for City bookings only, to send an automated text message clarifying how to gain access to the clinic.
  4. Residential address (legal requirement for the scan to confirm ID, see (1) above).
  5. Sex (male or female) - required by the DEXA scanning system and for us to understand how are customers are split (about 70% male, 30% female, as it happens).
  6. Date of Birth (to ensure you are over 18 and a legal requirement to confirm your identity (see (1) above).
  7. Reason for booking the scan (a legal requirement for the scan as prescribed in our medical referral protocol)
  8. How did you hear about us? This information helps us understand how our customers are being made aware of Bodyscan (eg, word of mouth, web search, social media, advertising) and if marketing campaigns or press coverage has been beneficial.
  9. The booking system also keeps a record of: (i) Date of previous and future bookings (ii) Location of booking (iii) Type of booking (Baseline scan with consultation; Two-person scan; Progress scan) (iv) Price of scan (v) Price paid (vi) Any promotional code used (vii) If a credit from a pre-paid package was used (viii) Cancelled bookings (ix) No-shows (if you did not turn up for an appointment)
  10. If the customer has a Pre-Paid Package (which package (ie, number and type of scans in the package), date purchased, price paid, number of package credits used and remaining, date of package expiry)
  11. Customer review, if you choose to leave one via an automated ‘Thank you’ email sent by Bookeo after the appointment has finished
  12. Payment card details. If a booking or a pre-paid package is paid for with a payment card, these card details are NOT stored in Bookeo but in a ‘payment gateway’ called Stripe. Within Bookeo, the only card details revealed are the card type (MasterCard or Visa), the final two digits of the long card number and the expiry date in the format MM/YYYY (eg, 08/2022). If a customer pays by bank transfer or direct debit (Easy Payment Plan), Bookeo does not store any bank or card details. Direct Debits are handled by a third-party system, GoCardless.

How your booking information is used. It is a medico-legal requirement for us to collect your: • name • date of birth • residential address • reason for booking the scan.

Your name, DOB and address are required to confirm your identity at the appointment and for us to be sure that we have the right person before subjecting you to a very low dose of ionising radiation.

Also, our medical protocol dictates that we do not provide scans to anyone under the age of 18 years, which is another reason for requesting your date or birth.

Your sex (male or female) and age (calculated from your date of birth) are required by the DEXA system (see Hologic APEX below).

You can read Bookeo's privacy policy here.

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