Competitions and some on-site promotions (Gleam)

Bodyscan occasionally runs online competitions on its website using Australian software (Gleam) that encourages engagement and sharing on social media. The ultimate purpose of these competitions is to generate new sales by building our marketing database.

You can read Gleam's privacy policy here.

Under GDPR, entering a competition does not give the promoter the right to automatically enter your details into a marketing database.

For your name and email address to be passed to Mailchimp (Bodyscan's email marketing system) you need to give explicit permission within the competition for this to happen. This will typically be via an action such as "Subscribe to the Bodyscan newsletter". If you do not perform this action then your details will not end up in Mailchimp and you will not be marketed to.

Bodyscan competitions are frequently run in partnership with third parties who contribute attractive prizes. As above, entrants’ details will NOT be shared with ANY third party unless entrants specifically opt-in via a clear, unambiguous action to subscribe to the third party’s marketing communications.

Bodyscan will never share its subscribers' information with third parties unless specifically advised to do so by the individual concerned or because of a legal requirement.

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